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If you are taking a prescription drug, chances are very good that you will find a wealth of information about it, and how to get it for less in Drugs for Less. This new guide provides valuable information to make prescription drugs more affordable and thus more accessible.

Editorial Review: Dr. Cecil has compiled a fantastic amount of information on hundreds of prescription medications, listing their brand names and generic counterparts. He explains who makes them, how they are priced, how they get from the pharmaceutical manufacturer to your pharmacy, why they can be so costly, how they work, what conditions they treat, and most importantly, how you can use government programs and manufacturer’s patient assistance programs to obtain your prescriptions free or at a reduced cost.

He explains how pill splitting gets you two for the price of one (get your physician’s approval before using that one), how “shopping around can save you money, and how relying on “oldies but goodies” can help keep the cash in your wallet. He also discusses the dangers of buying medications from other countries.

Drugs for Less is a fascinating glimpse into the pharmaceutical industry, but the real wealth of the book is in the myriad lists of drugs, patient assistance programs, addresses, and websites that you can access for free or low-cost pharmaceuticals.

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