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Many consumers feel that generic drugs are intrinsically inferior to brand name drugs, and this is simply not true. Generic medications are subjected to the same thorough testing and standards as brand name medications. The same companies that produce brand name medications manufacture many generic medications. In fact all of today’s brand name medications, widely advertised on television, will be available as generic medications once the medication’s patent protection expires.

Many generic drugs are among the most important of all medications, true pharmaceutical superstars. By preferentially using generic medications to treat

common conditions, you can help greatly reduce your rising cost of pharmaceuticals. Click here to learn about possible generic substitutes.

Some of the very best medications are available as generic medications without a prescription. These drugs are an extraordinary value. Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs is an excellent reference on the topic but also discuss generic alternatives with your physician. Be sure to also check with Rx Outreach to see if you qualify for buying dozens of generic drugs at around $1 per week. The following list of over 125 available drugs available with and without a prescription provides a useful starting place.

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